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Sukiyaki $22
beef (thinly cut USDA prime Rib-Eye) or chicken prepared in traditional style with clear noodles & vegetables in broth

Katsu $18
lightly breaded chicken or pork cutlet with special katsu sauce

Miso Sea Bass $26
Fresh Sea Bass marinated in miso and baked with brown rice

Hawaiian Style Ahi Tuna $25
Sesame seared Ahi Tuna with brown rice and vegetables

Shrimp Taco $18
Tempura Shrimp, onionsm and red cabbage with homemade Parmesan Fries

Salmon & Spinach Soy Vinaigrette $25
Grilled Salmon with crisp vinaigrette salad with brown rice

Miso Salmon $26
Fresh Salmon marinated in miso and baked with brown rice

Rainbow Chicken $18
sauteed chicken with buckchoy, broccoli, celery, zucchini, and red pepper over a bed of brown rice

BBQ Ribs $20
baby-back ribs with homemade BBQ sauce with a side of brown rie and steamed vegitables

Teriyaki Mango Stir Fry $18
Chicken or Pork stir fried with mango and Chinese nappa with teriyaki sauce

Fillet (8 oz) $29
simply salt and pepper or teriyaki style with spinach and soba noodles. choice of white or brown rice

Teriyaki Chicken $16
Chicken breast grilled with house made teriyaki sauce