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Yasaiitame $6.50
stir-fried vegetables

Yakitori Chicken $6.50
chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce, skewered & grilled with scallions

Shumai $5
steamed dumplings filled with shrimp & vegetables

Gyoza $5
pan-fried dumplings filled with minced meat & vegetables

Harumaki $5
spring rolls

Ebi (shrimp) Tempura $5
shrimp & vegetables wearing special clothes

Ika Tempura $6.50
calamari & vegetables wearing special clothes

Chicken Livers $7.50
chicken livers sauteed in special sauce

Tataki $10
delicately sliced & lightly cooked tuna or beef with ponzu dipping sauce

Kani Age $9
fried soft shell crab with ponzu dipping sauce

King Crab Sunomono $13
sliced cucumbers in ponzu sauce topped with king crab

Sunomono $9
sliced cucumbers in ponzu sauce topped with octopus, crab & conch

Sashimi Appetizer $12
3 different kinds of fresh fish sashimi style (3 slices of each king of fish)

King Crab Dynamite $14
king crab, baked mushroom & onion with special creamy sauce

Edamame $4.50
boiled Japanese green soybeans - fresh, not salty, great with beer!

Beef Negimaki $9.50
tiny tournedos of beef rolled with scallions in teriyaki sauces

Age Tofu $5
fried Japanese tofu cakes

Oshinko Appetizer $5
Japanese pickled vegetable with unique flavor

Kama $11
grilled salmon or yellowtail fish jaw in ponzu sauce - a Japenese Favorite!

Calamari Ponzu $8
calamari steak deep-fried and served with slices of fresh garlic & ponzu sauce

Hijiki $6.50
cooked black stew

Spicy Tofu $9.50
tofu & spinich in a special spicy sauce

New Style Sashimi $13
choice of tuna or whitefish topped with spinach & garlic, olive oil & wasabi soy sauce

My Yummy (Miami) Special $14
deep-fried spicy tuna or whitefish with spinach and yumi sauce (very yummy!)

Tuna Quesadilla $15
Fresh tortilla spread with homemade hummus, topped with fresh tuna, slices of tomato, scallions, and tobiko

Magic Mushroom $14
Smashed shrimp with mushroom deep-fried with creamy sauce and tobiko on top

Cold Stone Sashimi (Usuzukuri) $15
Tuna, Salmon, and White fish sliced thinly over ice with garlic and ponzu sauce on the side

Saba Yaki $10.50
Grilled Mackerel

Domino Pizza $13
Choice of Salmon or White Fish with avocado, cream cheese and crab stick, rolled and baked with creamy sauce.

Grouper Fingers $13
Tempura grouper with spinach adn sliced fresh garlic topped with ponzu sauce.

BBQ Ribs $8.50
3 pieces of baby-back ribs with homemade BBQ sauce

Spicy Tofu with Seafood $17

Tako Yaki $6
deep dried octopus ball with creamy sauce

Soba Salad $15
Choice of Sashimi, Eel, and Soft Shell Crab

Spicy Tuna Tower $15
Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber and is beaded on sushi rice with honey-lime and eel sauce with tobiko

Jumping Shrimp $8.50
Six crispy shrimp tossed in creamy sauce over a bed of baby mixed greens.

Scallop Slider $12
Tempura Scallop with creamy sauce and lettuce covered with Hawaiian Sweet Bread.

Light My Fire Tower $16
Sushi rice on the bottom with edamame mixed in the middle with crunchy and topped with scallions and spicy salmon.

Shitake Noodles $8
Sauteed noodles with garlic and shitake mushrooms with creamy sauce.