Ultimate Pair (LUNCH ONLY) $8.75
Choose any 2 items from the list: 1. House Salad: Fresh greens with freshly made ginger dressing. 2. Crab Salad: Cucumber and crabsticks mixed with spicy mayo sauce. 3. Seaweed Salad: Wakame seaweed with spicy sesame dressing. 4. Soba Salad: Mixed greens w/buckwheat noodles, olive oil, soy sauce, and black pepper with scallions. 5. Ebisu Soup: Udon noodles w/seaweed and scallions. 6. Suimono Soup: Clear broth with crab sticks, mushrooms and scallions. 7. Gyoza Soup: Dumplings filled w/minced meat in broth. 8. Gyoza: Pan-fried dumplings filled w/minced meat. 9. Shumai: Steamed dumplings filled w/shrimp and vegetables. 10. Shrimp Tempura Appetizer: 2 Shrimps and 3 vegetables deep-fried. 11. Edamame: Boiled Japanese soy beans. 12. Sushi: 3 pieces of Tuna OR 3 pieces of Salmon 13. Shrimp Tempura Roll: Shrimp tempura i/o w/sesame seeds. 14. Roll Combo: 4 pieces of california rolls AND 4 pieces of spicy tuna rolls. 15. Vegetable Roll: Kampyo, cucumber, carrot and avocado.

Salmon Lovers Roll $12
spicy salmon, crabstick, avocado, crunchy with salmon on top